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2nd Grade      

   Welcome to Second Grade!! This will be an outstanding year for all of us. Second grade is a different world from first grade, more work, higher expectations and the year of 2,013 questions about everything.
    Parents please try to check the website as often as possible and in return I will try to keep it updated on a regular basis. If ever there is anything you need, questions or concerns do not hesitate to call or email me. This year will work better as long as we continuously work together. In fact, this class is like a village everyone is important in helping it flourish.

        Upcoming Activities

  • February 13th: Interims
  • February 15th: Living Museum
  • February 18th: President's Day (No School)
  • February 19th: Fort Menendez Field Trip

Parents our class scholastic activation number is: H69DV.
This will allow you to order books online through my class.

Ms. Washington

Last Modified: Feb 12, 2013